Choice Blends

A coffee blend is basically a coffee bean mixture that consists of tastes, styles, or different roasts. Mixtures can be made up of beans with different roasts, flavor profiles or varieties.

There are 2 kinds of coffee beans: Robusta, grown at low altitudes, has a much stronger flavor as Arabica beans. Grown at higher altitudes, and are believed to be the highest quality bean.

Most coffee blends are made for commercial sale. But if you are intersted home brewing your own blend you can experiment and come up with your own concoctions.  Roasting is not very easy to do at home, but you could mix pre-roasted beans together and create your own flavor mixes by adding syrups and spices to the beans before brewing.

Since many of us just prefer to just open a pack or can of our favorite blend of coffee, and simply add it to the machine…

What is your Choice Blend?